Conservation Research Oversight and IACUC Collaborations

This is an OPTIONAL educational webinar designed to help you learn how to do conscientious research oversight in zoos, and especially how to collaborate with organizations that have federal accreditation and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

If you are looking for the SDZG required IACUC training course and quiz please take the My Academy class with the title "IACUC Training Module 1 — Required Overview." Current conservation practices acknowledge research is necessary to answer questions critical to species propagation and welfare. Additionally, the AZA accreditation process assesses and encourages an institution to be involved in research, both in-house and through collaborations. With research comes the responsibility of approving and monitoring the process/program/research to ensure the animals are treated appropriately, staff is adequately trained, and there is accountability. Additionally, understanding the different aspects of an IACUC will allow an institution to critique and improve the zoo's in-house research approval process to keep up current research standards and public expectations.

course length: 1 hour